With over a decade of experience producing in the Netherlands, we are able to provide you with optimal service, state of the art equipment from the best vendors, and always against the best rates available.
Whether you want to shoot on digital or film cameras, motion control, techno cranes, russian arms or any other type of equipment, we can provide this.
Any special equipment not available in the Netherlands can be shipped through our network in UK, Germany or Belgium within 24 hours.

All post production facilities are available in Amsterdam for grading, editing, vfx, sound and film laboratories.
We also have excellent postproduction supervisors for on-set supervision.

We will provide you with a dedicated, experienced, professional English speaking crew on whom you can rely.
The HFP crew is insured and freelancers have their own insurance, make their own invoices and therefore there are no extra fees for social security.
Our working day is 10 hours including transport to and from the location and a 30 minute lunch break.
Overtime for the first three hours is 150% of the hourly rate and after that 200%.
The normal turn around is 10 hours, but can be discussed depending on the production.

The Country
Holland is a small country, locations are close within reach which makes scouting and shooting very overseeable. Transport and infrastructure is very good allowing you to work efficiently.

The Netherlands is a country that welcomes foreign filmmakers. There are no limits on the possibilities for shooting on location and first and foremost it’s very safe.

In the Netherlands there is a vat charge of 21%. In almost all cases this will be directly refunded by us.

For more information please contact us.